3D-L Brings Data into Focus

3D-L supports web-based technology that brings the rows and columns of spreadsheets to life, whether you're profiling a single zip code, an entire state, or some area between. The technology instantly transforms this place-related data into engaging custom maps, charts, tables, and reports—online, in real time.

We're the technology group behind TRF's PolicyMap—the innovative online information system that enables organizations to present highly fluid geographic data in easy-to-use visual forms.

This fast, reliable web technology requires no software installs, plug-ins, or special training.

Bogged Down in Data?

Making the right decisions for your organization, customers and constituents is hard when you're bogged down in a stack of spreadsheets.

The faster you get the data you need—and analyze it, understand it, compare it, and use it—the better you and your customers can take care of business.